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The Frasco Method

Discrimination claims cost companies millions of dollars each year. The EEOC estimates that annual monetary benefits incurred from solely sexual harassment complaints resolved by the Agency have increased from $13 million in 1992, to $50 million in 2002. Under both federal and California law, employers have a dual duty to maintain a discrimination-free environment and conduct reasonable investigations into alleged misconduct.

It is an inherent irony that the legal labyrinth created by these twin mandates can accrue additional liability for the company merely seeking to adhere to the law. Human resources professionals, especially ones in national companies, struggle to keep up with new legal developments. Attorneys find themselves in the difficult position of attempting to provide investigation services without inadvertently waiving privilege. Public entities face huge budget cuts which often make discrimination counseling and investigations cost-prohibitive. Corporations fight to remain competitive in a difficult economy, while attempting to minimize exposure to lawsuits.

In the midst of this chaos, Frasco® Workplace Investigations offers a solution.

Frasco Inc., based in Burbank, CA, has provided a wide array of investigative services throughout CA, NV and AZ for over four decades. In response to evolving case law requiring third-party, impartial discrimination and harassment investigations, Frasco created the Workplace Investigations division. This specialized unit is comprised of legally trained investigators and supervisors. Some investigators have earned their juris doctor degree, others are licensed attorneys. All our investigators have extensive education and training in labor and employment issues. The goal of Frasco Workplace Investigations is to combine an attorney's attention to the nuances of employment law with the reasonable rates of an investigations provider. As a member of the Frasco family of services, Workplace Investigations can offer its clients highly competitive rates, often substantially below those charged by outside counsel. We prefer to work at the direction of counsel, thereby preserving legal privileges. Moreover, the scope of our services include ongoing training and education programs in addition to investigations.